Saturday, 1 May 2010

You Are Un-likeable!

With words we can say that 'This' is like fullness. We can say that it is also like emptiness. Or perhaps it's more like bliss? Or maybe all three together, or maybe none of these things.

What is it like?

This is the question we want to know. Then we can compare it, understand it, move towards it. But saying it is like anything is to kill it. This is not like anything but itself. It is not like anything because it simply is everything.

It is not like a table. It is the table. It is not like the clouds. It is the clouds.

It is every detail you perceive because those details are known in your awareness as awareness.

It is everything which happens exactly as it happens. And what happens is not like anything, it is only itself. It is unique.

To compare it is to kill it.

So fall in love with This. Fall in love with experience moment by moment. No gap, no separation, no need for a label, no need to understand. Just rest in undeniable this-ness.

Adore the uniqueness of life,

It's what you are.