Saturday, 1 May 2010

Do It Yourself

To try and describe this is to kill it. To limit and imprison it. To incarcerate it in a word. It's also a way of duping you. Believing the words we attempt to nourish ourselves on dust and bones.

Don't fool yourself. Don't listen to me, to my words, to anyone's words. There is nothing outside of yourself to search for. No 'other' you must 'get'.

These words are only your words. They are your own spontaneous awareness. They are you.

I cannot and will never be able to point to anything other than yourself. For all is you. I don't want to rob yourself of resting in yourself, of being yourself. I don't want to add to the propagation of the idea that there is a separate 'you' which needs to find 'Enlightenment'.

Recently I haven't wanted to write anything at all. This is just this. It doesn't need to be constantly interpreted through concepts. I don't need to understand it. When I don't want to understand it I don't want to write about it.

So what is this 'This' ?

It is the muddled conversation of everyone around me, the Music coming through the speakers, the man outside in a white hat passing the estate agents with his shopping, the newspaper on my table, the smell of my coffee, the hissing sound of the steam-arm, the sensation of gripping this pen and the words it produces, the vague unformed idea of what to do next...

It is all of this.

It is everything which arises without exception. All and always.

But don't believe me, don't believe anyone.

Be brave. Be your own authority. Be your own 'All'.

With Love x


tom sullivan said...

Hi Mike, good to hear from "you."

Mike said...

Hi Tom!

Thanks my friend. Haven't forgotten about your question to the previous post...will reply soon!