Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Greatest Trick of Them All

I Know that I exist. I am the only measure for what I call 'existence'.

Yet everything arises within myself; my senses and perceptions happen not 'out there' but 'in here', these trees only appear on the back of my retina, nowhere else.

In this way all perception arises spontaneously within myself. Even the concept of 'myself' arises from a deeper silent presence which I will call awareness.

This means that you, dear reader, are but a dream arising from myself like the beautiful surreal images which arise from my deepest sleep.

And yet, for you this is true also. You know that you exist, undeniably so, for perceptions, thoughts, smells, ideas, feelings, emotions and memories arise automatically within you, instantly known by your innate immutable awareness.

In this way You are no dream at all, but the very eye of reality. Indeed for you, I am but a figment, a dream image conjured from your deepest self.

You are my dream
I am yours.

This is the greatest trick
of them all.

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