Friday, 11 June 2010

Spontaneous Miraculous!

It can seem that thoughts get in the way.
But what gets in the way of thought?


Colleen Loehr said...

mmm...Good question. What gets in the way of thought? Awareness, or presence, seems to be a light that calms the momentum of the monkey-mind.

Mike said...

Hi Colleen!

Thank you for your reply.

I agree that awareness can seem to calm the mind through practices such as meditation.

It can seem that thoughts get in the way or veil what we are, but this is to agree that there is something which thinking can cover or hide. It is to maintain duality and therefore a false conclusion. It is to spend time and effort in changing the thoughts that arise in the delusion that freedom can come from having ‘better’ thoughts. This endeavour is to completely overlook the fact that all thoughts only appear within awareness or presence and are made from awareness of presence.

There is no gap, wall or boundary between a thought and the awareness of it. The action is one event. A totality. A moment without division.

There is just the thought and an immediate awareness of it. An automatic, effortless and spontaneous awareness which no-one ‘does’.

There is no problem with thinking. Don’t waste time attempting ‘better’ thoughts. Go straight to the heart of the matter and see that everything appears in awareness and is made from awareness. This includes any thought that arises regardless of its content.

There is only Oneness seeing Oneness.

All thoughts are pure light.

Let the divine monkey-mind be.

Mike x

su said...

All thoughts are pure light.
Let the divine monkey mind be.

God that feels good.
So much effort trying to control thoughts.
Pure light hey -

Mike said...

Hey Su!

Thanks for reading and writing, I like the look of your blog too easyidler :-)

su said...

well again gratitude rises for the re-cognition of there only being light.
riding my bike at sunset a thought arose and immediately another one arose in order to counter that one... and where once the slightest tension would have taken place, now an explosive laughter shook the awakening grape vines.

over the years I have conquered desire (mostly), lived simply, blah blah fishpaste but there was one thing that came up every second that i went into huge resistance over.
i mean imagine trying not to breathe, or to consciously change the pattern of your breathing permanently. i mean who is the breather right.

so riding along this laughter and wonder and awe at the sheer beauty of yet another manifestation of "what is" -


Mike said...

Hello again Su.

Yes, it's too beautiful really. The whole apparent journey to 'seeing' this is so rich and full, yet so magnificently Empty!

Before seeing this, my life was defined by resistance. I was resistance. And now the apparent barrier, which was the idea of myself, has dissolved and there is only space. The space in which all this happens by itself. The space in which I appear to meet you. 'Here'.

How freeing that there is no resistance and no-one to resist. We ARE life.

Whoever would have thought eh?


Thanks Su,

Your friend, Mike x