Sunday, 27 June 2010


So, here we are. This is it, happening exactly as it happens. Nothing to be added to it and nothing that can be taken away. This happening is undeniable and obvious. It is so normal that is doesn’t require words to spell it out. Life speaks for itself.

This moment is total and all-inclusive; everything in the moment is the moment. Even the word moment gets in the way here – there simply IS: IS-ness happening.

Because this ever flowering IS-ness includes all that happens, there is nothing which can stand apart from it. What IS always IS, and in totality there can be no conflict. Even the idea that you are in conflict is simply what is happening. It IS.

So give up the life-sapping effort of trying to maintain the illusion that you are separate and relax into your simple IS-ness. Rest in totality.

How could you do anything else?