Friday, 12 March 2010

Understanding must also fall away

The clarity of seeing ‘this’ can often become clouded again by the very attempt to ‘understand’ it. Life is as it is, obvious, silent and ordinary, yet the mind begins to label this clarity with more ‘accurate’ concepts. It picks up some ‘clearer labels’, some ‘non-dual’ jargon and then begins to construct what it believes is an ‘understanding’.

“Great”, thinks the mind, “Now I can express this, write about it, talk clearly about it. Now I know what I’m talking about, I know what it means, I’m certain, I have authority’.

All of which is just mind trying to get its job back. Poor mind; it tries its best to assert dominance and authority by claiming to ‘understand’ life, but this is something it can never do. Concepts cannot touch life and no amount of ‘non-dual pointers’ can immerse you in your own clarity.

Non-dualism is. It cannot be expressed for the moment it is spoken of it is dualistic. Any attempt to prove you have an ‘understanding’ or some kind of experiential ‘authority’ misses the point and suddenly you find yourself having to define and defend labels which in reality have absolutely nothing to do with ‘this’.

We abandon our unbounded freedom and cling to a mere concept.

‘This’ is so bright that it outshines any idea. It dissolves all names and forms. It destroys the imagined boundary of separation. Give up trying to understand it. There is no authority here, no certainty.

No-one to say “I know”.

There is no structure - only free-fall.

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