Thursday, 18 March 2010


The answer you’re looking for is not contained within the Mind. It is not contained in Knowledge. Mind cannot understand reality for the Mind can only produce concepts and ideas which it then takes as an authentic self-existing reality.

It then devises ways to go and 'attain' those ideas, conveniently ignoring the fact that it is only ever searching for its own creations and therefore suffering when it can't seem to find them.

The Mind has nothing to do with true understanding because true understanding is and always has been implicit and obvious as experience. Not in labelling experience, nor in a particular experience, but experience per se.

Reality is always present but can appear to be covered by mental concepts and labels such as ‘Me’, ‘You’ ‘This’ and ‘That’. Through a sincere investigation of these labels it can be seen that they are just concepts produced by the Mind, and do not relate to any concrete realities.

Once these inadequate ideas have been seen through, then reality shines forth, luminous, obvious and free. Reality is not, and has never been, anything other than what you truly are but without interpretation through mental concepts.

Reality is only experience – just as it is - arising and passing away just as it has always done. The view from your window is reality. The toast you had for breakfast is reality. The only difference is that with the realisation that the concept of a separate individual is invalid, then experience no longer refers back to anyone. Then reality simply is, happening to no-one, spontaneous and free.

There is only reality - despite all appearances - and reality is unity.

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