Tuesday, 23 February 2010

No distinctions, only being.

Any distinction between experiences is only ever the minds interpretation, a learnt label added after the fact. So whether your experience may be the product of drugs, dreams, or dzogchen, the raw immediate fact of the experience is always its being (the fact that it is). You could say that being is appearing as a hallucination, nightmare or deep meditation just as the ocean becomes tidal waves, cross-currents, or flat calms.

The 'out there' is also only a label for what is; a learnt distinction. There is only this raw nameless perception which is simultaneously a know perception. Perception has the character of knowing or awareness. We may say 'I perceive' but really, there is only perception which is itself aware - an action which has no actor (try looking for the so-called person who claims awareness).

If we really see the ordinary directly - as it is - we will discover that actually it belongs to no-body and that therefore no-one can become attached to it. This world of ours is a floating one, without an anchor or base. Just awareness or being bubbling up into apparent forms before fading back into nothing.

But this is of course not something that the mind is interested in hearing.

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