Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Everything I've written here fails.

Any description of this points in the opposite direction. Words like emptiness or fullness, being, awareness or no-self, become objects for the hungry mind to hunt down and capture so that it can 'know' the truth, possess the truth.

It fails to recognise that those very labels are themselves only ever sounds and images appearing in the vast suchness to which they attempt to point.

And look, here I am leading you astray again..


Nathan said...

haha! :-)

Mike said...


Great to see you here again!

I was actually wondering what you were up to, I noticed you seemed to be on a break from your page.

Hope everything is ok, can't wait to read some more of your stuff soon.

Thanks for the comments by the way, oh, and just in case your interested I have a new website with a friend where we talk about ordinariness (and how utterly amazing is is!):


Nathan said...

Hey Mike,

It's nice to receive your enthusiastic blog re-entry welcome! It's been great to catch up with your blog... and Benjamin's as well. My 2 favourites.

Anyway... I notice you are in Bristol, according to your page. I'm probably there this weekend, visiting a couple of friends... would it be odd to meet up? I don't know, maybe. But I thought I'd put the possibility out there. Might not even be free.