Sunday, 20 March 2011

End of the Rope

Dear All,

It’s been a while now since I've posted here and although I've continued to write and explore my expression of ‘Awakening’ I feel that the relevance of this particular blog has come to an end – for now at least.

Please continue to explore where Tom Buckley-Houston and I podcast on the extra-ordinary nature of the ordinary.

I hope to present a new website soon which will include recent essays, short films and podcasts about Awakening to Oneness.

I look forward to seeing you there.

In the mean time if anyone resonates with the poetry or essays here then please don't hesitate to contact me. Email me at and we can exchange emails or organise a meeting on skype. I'm available to anyone who wishes to sincerely explore their own inherent freedom.

With Love,



benjamin said...

Ha! What is relevant?

Mike said...

Ben! :-)

I think the only thing that is relevant to 'thisness' is how you choose to communicate it to someone who has no ideas what 'thisness' is.

If you feel the passion - or even 'responsibility' - to share this message, then it only makes sense to take care in just HOW you communicate it.


benjamin said...

I don't believe "thisness" finds any idea more relevant than any other.

But again i can't deny: if you feel like communicating ideas to people, then why not? That's what humans like to do apparently :)

cmontagu said...

Thanks a lot Mike. I found you on the UGC and enjoyed the plain way you try to help those of us who haven't been able to have a specific experience of enlightenment [or whatever you want to call it]. I suppose if you're able to experience what i heard you call it 'a moment of grace', then maybe it's easier to SEE whatever it is that some of you have seen. How does someone ordinary like me 'get it' and stop searching? Thanks a lot for any suggestions, Claire