Sunday, 31 January 2010

Can you stop THIS?

Without thinking about it, can we stop or prevent what is happening right now in this moment? The room I am in, the music playing, the slight chill in the air, the sounds of the keyboard, my full stomach, the sensation of sitting...can I stop these from happening without thinking about it?

Well let's see.

I stop thinking and see, quite plainly, very obviously, that these things are just happening. They are facts. The room is here, the music plays, sensations happen. It's all just happening. The fact of it is effortless. It is very fresh and beautiful actually. Very simple.

Yet the mind does not have time for this silent simplicity and quickly buries the fact of this effortlessness with thoughts and opinions, imaginations or memories. The mind ignores the simple fact that everything is just here, easily, without requiring thinking to interpret any of it.

Right now, without thinking about it the sun is quickly setting, clouds move across the sky, I feel a sensation of tiredness in my eyes, I hear the dull and distant movements of my house-mates. This all just happens, regardless of whether or not I'm thinking about it.

Without thinking about it things are just as they are. Ordinary and simple. These are our only facts, the Mind is only ever interpretation and opinion.

Can you see this fact without the Mind's distraction?

Try it. Suspend thought. Just see. See the ordinary as it is, without names and labels. See its there-ness, its being, its fact.

See the quiet stillness of things.

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