Wednesday, 11 November 2009

This Floating World

It's not that there is an empty self to be found as opposed to a real self. Rather everything, every detail, is self-illuminating shining fresh within its own light. Every sensation is a new sun shining with its own rays.

There is no 'empty self' anchoring or rooting any of this, only a pure and empty space which can never be located for it is always outside of any location. This pure space is limitless and unknowable and from it all things arise spontaneously like passing clouds produced from vast sky.

All is spontaneous self-awareness. Everything is self-illuminating and drenched in awareness - in fact, everything is none other than awareness. Although it is not 'yours' or 'mine' but simply awareness or being. Perceived like this, all is light, all is being.

There is no witness to this because everything is the witness to itself. Self-knowing automatic awareness which happens freely without anyone having to do anything. The 'who' who would act or choose is merely conceptual - an imagined root of the experience of being - and an idea which none the less arises spontaneously and lovingly from the overflowing of pure space.

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